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A taxi driver's guide to Holborn

Ready to get stuck into ‘Olb’rn? Follow our Holborn taxi driver’s guide and we’ll have you eating drinking and hanging out in all the area’s best spots in no time. It’s a funny thing Holborn. Most Londoners know it but ask a group of them exactly how to find it and you’ll probably get four or five different answers. The problem seems to lie less with understanding where it begins and more to understanding where it ends. For the purpose of clarity, we’re going to discuss the area around Holborn tube station stretching up to The British Museum and down as far as Fleet Street. If you aren’t a London local, here’s bit of valuable advice that’ll save you a fortune. Travelling to this London oddity isn’t as taxing as you might imagine. And while many will choose to reach it by tube or bus, if you’re anywhere in central London, chances are you can walk it just as quickly and at zero cost. Like many parts of London, Holborn gets its name from the ‘lost river’ that runs through it. In this instance the river Fleet (it’s still there, it just travels underground these days). The ‘Hol-’ refers to a hollow and the ‘-born’ to a bourne, or river. Much like its geographical boundaries, it’s a name whose enunciation also has long caused confusion. ‘Locals’ will tell you is pronounced with no ‘H’ or ‘U’, although there are precious few who care enough to correct you (it’s no Marylebone!). Addison Lee have been getting Londoners where they need to go since 1975, and with 20,000 successful journeys under our belt every single day, we like to think we’ve really got the hang of it. Which is why our Holborn taxi driver’s guide offers such a unique insight into the area. After all, we’ve been bringing people here for well over thirty years now. So shouldn’t we know the best pubs, bistros, brasseries and bars in the area?

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