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Addison Lee’s Hoxton cabs are 30% cheaper than black taxis

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A taxi driver's guide to Hoxton

We’ve all been there, it’s past midnight on a Friday evening, you’ve had a lovely time out in east London but you’re ready to go home. The rain is starting to drive down hard and you’re quickly realising that amidst the sea of Hoxton cabs before you, none of them are yours. Addison Lee have been providing London with a service it can rely on for well over 30 years now. Meaning we’ve witnessed not just the changing dynamic of how taxis are booked, but how you want them to behave when you do book them. That’s why we’ve stayed true to our simple vow to provide a service that not only turns up on time; comfortable and clean. But also one that’s 30% cheaper than a black cab and never, ever charges ‘surge fares’. Even when we’re really, really busy. There’s a confusing difference between Hoxton and Shoreditch. We’re not going to go into it too much but sufficed to say they’re right next to each other. To make things easier, they both sit in the borough of Hackney, they both touch on Old Street and they both have a connection with neighbouring Dalston. What makes it really confusing is that people tend to think of Hoxton and assume it exists entirely inside Hoxton Square. And while there are plenty of great bars, clubs and restaurants on the square, there’s still loads to do elsewhere as well. Book one of our Hoxton cabs and you can be out, exploring it all in a matter of moments. Historically regarded as bit of a seedy east London nook, Hoxton has slowly emerged as a playground for the young and creative. Artists moved in through the mid 90s in hope of finding affordable rent and common-minded neighbours. Soon parties, clubs and even illegal raves followed and its residents began to shape a new, more vibrant climate here. And, as ever, it wasn’t long before the rest of the city took note. Today Hoxton has become a by-word for the purposelessly trendy, the morally vapid and even the binge-drinking culture of the ‘Ibiza lot’. And while some of that criticism isn’t entirely without grounds, it’s not all silly haircuts and skinny jeans. Like anywhere in London there are still plenty of places where anyone can go to have a good time. And if you know where you’re going, half the battle’s already won. Follow our Hoxton taxi driver’s guide to the area and not only will we have you knocking on the doors of N1’s finest in no time, we’ll also be there with one of our Hoxton cabs waiting and ready to take you there. Just a tap on the app or website away. Easy as that.

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