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A taxi driver's guide to London Bridge

They say a London Bridge taxi is mysterious creature. Rarely seen when needed, always there when it isn’t. And when you consider the place itself, boxed in between the Shard and the River Thames, maybe it’s not all that much of a surprise. London Bridge Station has always jutted out awkwardly from the heart of historic Southwark; serving millions on their way to South London and beyond. But handy as it may be for whisking you away, we feel its true value lies in its more immediate surroundings. Follow this fascinating guide to the area and even hop in one of our dedicated London Bridge minicabs to traverse its many marvels. London Bridge station as we know it today sits perched on bankside, offering a convenient cross section of the Northern and Jubilee lines. Making it a surprisingly accessible cross junction to all corners of the city. But it wasn’t always so. Historic London Bridge has actually been knocked down and rebuilt countless times over the centuries, and while it never did quite ‘fall down’, it did suffer an altogether more unusual fate. When the last incarnation of the bridge was condemned before it did finally fall down, the city decided to sell it. Remarkably they found a buyer in Arizonan oil magnate Robert P McCulloch. So bizarrely, you can still visit the old bridge on Lake Havasu, USA today. Regardless of architectural oddities. The area has always been a thriving nucleus of arts, culture and gastronomy. Home to the incomparable sights, sounds and flavours of Borough Market as well as the magnificent recently rebuilt Globe Theatre. This truly is historic London at its most authentic. We suggest you follow our London Bridge taxi driver’s guide to the area and find out where all the locals go to eat, drink and just take in the sights.

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