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A taxi driver's guide to Marylebone

With just a handful of platforms Marylebone is both the smallest and youngest of London’s major train stations. Fortunately though that doesn’t preclude it from being both vital and terribly well positioned. Read on for our Marylebone taxi driver’s guide to some terrific places to eat, drink, shop and discover. Since 1975 Addison Lee have been at the forefront of London’s private hire services. We’ve brought our own brand of excellence and reliability to the city on a daily basis. Guaranteeing you safe and comfortable passage with every journey. To date, we manage over 2,000 trips across the capital each day. Every one of which is expertly monitored and guided from our headquarters in central London. So it doesn’t matter where you are, what time it is or even how far you’re going. Our drivers will always be on hand to provide that same service at a consistently affordable price. Which, at 30% cheaper than most black taxis, isn’t half bad. London Marylebone. We all think we know how to pronounce it, but do we really? The most common usage is Marley-bone but you might be surprised to learn that the actual phonetic pronunciation should be Marry-le-Bon. A reference to the church – St Mary’s on the bourne (a small river known as the Tyburn) – that once stood here. Differences aside, this is certainly one of the nicer spots in central west London. With even the station looking the part. Originally built to serve Sheffield and Manchester in the north, Marylebone was re-assigned to become the main terminus through Banbury up to Birmingham in 1996. Step out through its charming stone archway and into your pre-booked Addison Lee to start exploring the area. Whether it’s shopping on Marylebone High Street or just wining and dining in one of the many nearby restaurants, this is an area for everyone. Just follow our Marylebone taxi driver’s guide for all the best spots – including a few that are bit of a trade secret.

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