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A taxi driver's guide to Southbank

People tend to discover Southbank in different ways, and it’s not surprising given its diverse range of bars, restaurants and attractions. That’s why we’ve put together this incredibly handy Southbank taxi driver’s guide. So you’ll always know where you’re going. By harnessing the knowledge of our city’s finest cabbies we’ve managed to create this comprehensive but compact guide to this bright and lively strip of the river Thames. Proving not only that a taxi driver know best, but also that you don’t always have to be north of the river to have a good time. For such a small area, London’s Southbank manages to pack an awful lot in. Crammed in between Blackfriars and Westminster bridges, the entirety of the district spans no more than a couple of squared miles. But with iconic buildings like London’s British Film Institute, The National Theatre and the enormous London Eye at its heart, it’s no wonder people flock to visit from all corners of the world. There are two ways to approach Southbank. By the river or from the south. Walk along the riverbank and you’ll immediately be taken aback by the obvious clash of architectural styles. The brash and unforgiving concrete of the BFI and the Tate Modern, and then the gentler art deco style of the OXO Tower. Even Southbank’s graffiti marked skatepark is widely considered to be a genuine piece of the area’s heritage. Follow our essential Southbank taxi driver’s guide to unveil the very best bars, pubs, cocktail parlours and restaurants the area has to offer. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed.

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