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Southwark taxi fares can be pretty bleak - choose Addison Lee for a brighter journey

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A taxi driver's guide to Southwark

If Southwark is famous for one thing above all it’s probably Shakespeare’s Globe. But between the original theatre burning down and the new one being built, this historic borough continued to thrive much as it has always done. Every pub, restaurant and attraction in our Southwark taxi driver’s guide has been hand-selected to reflect the very best the area has to offer. Even though it wasn’t officially created until 1965, it’s said that Southwark is the most historic of all London’s boroughs. The reasoning behind this longstanding claim is the ancient town of Southwark was the first to be connected to the original Roman city of Londinium by an old footbridge. Making it the first ‘satellite’ borough to what would go on to become the city centre. Over the years the area thrived and fell into disrepair in equal measure. And although today going to the theatre is considered a bit of a ‘posh’ evening out, back then it was largely the preserve of the city’s lower classes and scoundrels. As a result Southwark became better known as one of the sleazier parts of London. Prisons were built (it had three – more on that later) and the area even established itself as a popular red light district. Today of course, Southwark boast London Bridge, the Tate Modern, the OXO Tower, the Millennium Bridge, the new Globe, Borough Market and the UK’s tallest building; The Shard in its impressive repertoire. Put another way, it’s come a long way since its time as a more nefarious corner of London. Food enthusiasts flood here from all corners of the world. Real ale lovers descend on its numerous pubs and curious tourists are spoiled for choice when it comes to a great day out. Addison Lee’s Southwark taxi driver’s guide is the ideal companion to a long day out in south east London.

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