1. Customers shall not permit unaccompanied Minors to travel in a Passenger Vehicle.
  2. Customers are responsible for the acts and omissions of all persons who they authorise to travel in a Passenger Vehicle.
  3. Passengers are not permitted to smoke in any Passenger Vehicle (including using electronic cigarettes).
  4. Passengers shall not play any musical instrument or broadcast recorded music in any Passenger Vehicle except with the written permission of     the relevant member of the Addison Lee Group.
  5. Passengers shall not consume alcohol in any Passenger Vehicle and the Driver reserves the right to decline carriage to any Passenger and/or require a Passenger to alight from a Passenger Vehicle who, in Addison Lee’s opinion, is intoxicated.
  6. The transportation of luggage in a Passenger Vehicle shall be permitted at our absolute discretion. Passengers shall remain responsible for their luggage at all times and/or bicycle.
  7. The Addison Lee Group reserves the right to refuse to transport or cease to transport any Passenger who behaves in a disorderly, inappropriate (including excessive physical contact or display), threatening or abusive manner or who, in the Addison Lee Group’s absolute discretion is considered a nuisance or a danger to its employees, agents, subcontractors or to fellow Passengers and may require such a Passenger to alight from a Passenger Vehicle and the Customer may be charged a Cancellation Fee as set out in the Service Description.
  8. The Addison Lee Group is committed to providing Services in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (as may be updated from time to time). The Addison Lee Group may assist any Passenger who is not capable of boarding and alighting a Passenger Vehicle unaided, at the Addison Lee Group’s sole discretion but at the Passenger’s risk.
  9. The Addison Lee Group may charge reasonable repair or cleaning charges of £50 plus VAT in the event of any spillage in the vehicle or in the event of any soiling, contamination or damage of the vehicle caused by a passenger.
  10. The Addison Lee Group shall not be liable for any property left by Passengers in any Passenger Vehicle. Where property is found in a Passenger Vehicle and ownership is determined, the booker/passenger will be notified and arrangements made to return the item at the booker/passenger’s expense.  Where property is found and ownership is not determined it will be stored for a period of 28 days and thereafter the Addison Lee Group shall be entitled to return, sell, destroy or otherwise dispose of such property, as it in its absolute discretion, sees fit.