Promo code terms and conditions

To qualify for the discount, you must use the new Addison Lee App or book on or on the web (if the web option is included in the promotion) and the journey must be taken between Friday 8th May, 2015 at 9am through to the 31st December, 2019 23:59 (unless otherwise stated). Each user may only use the promotional code with their next app or web booking and only once. Bookings must be £10.00 or more unless specifiedBookings made on the telephone to our call centre will not qualify. The promotional code must be quoted at the time of the booking and must be paid by credit or debit card or PayPal or cash or account. This discount also applies to priority account or credit card account bookings.The offer is valid for all vehicle types. This promotion is subject to daily allocation and vehicle availability. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. It is non-transferable and no part of the discount may give right to a refund credit or payment even where the fare is less than the discounted amount. Addison Lee reserves the right to curtail this promotion prematurely. A booking cancellation counts as a booking.

Addison Lee Terms and Conditions of Trading apply to all bookings and are incorporated in and form part of all Contracts for Service we provide. Quoted Prices are accurate at the time of booking. Additional charges will not be discounted and will be made for any deviations to the Quoted Journey, including changes to route, waiting time, car parking, additional stops, address changes or vehicle changes. When making a Non-Account Booking, Customer contracts directly with the driver once allocated. Addison Lee Ltd © 2015, Registered in England: No. 01205530. Registered office: 35-37 William Road, London, NW1 3ER.