We expect and recommend you wear a face covering

From Monday 19 July, lockdown restrictions lift. In line with TFL guidance for PHV operators, we expect and recommend that all passengers continue to wear a face covering when they travel with us. With the safety of passengers and drivers our priority.

Passengers with a respiratory condition that prevents them from wearing a face covering, children under 11 and people with disabilities are exempt. Please include a note at the point of booking if you fall into one of these criteria.

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Core Principles of Service

Every single journey with Addison Lee is protected by our Safer Journey Initiative. Underpinned by our Core Principles of Service, the Addison Lee Safer Journey Initiative gives you the confidence to travel.

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TfL approved safety screens

Protecting drivers and passengers with Safety Screens in our cars. We have TfL-approved screens across our fleet of people carriers, installed by our qualified team of technicians and cleaned regularly by drivers to ensure hygiene and safety.

Deep Cleaning

Our fleet of 4,000 vehicles are Electrostatically Spray cleaned using TECcare CONTROL solution every three months as part of our enhanced cleaning programming. We also provide facilities for all of our cars to be deep cleaned up to three times a week.

Our cars

Unlike others, we are able to track and maintain the cleanliness of every car in our fleet after every single journey, as they only operate for Addison Lee.

PPE for our drivers

We provide drivers with personal protective masks and gloves to ensure that you and they are protected.

Quality assessors

We have a team of mobile quality assessors constantly monitoring every single vehicle in our fleet.

Driver Ratings

Our in-app driver ratings include cleanliness for added peace-of-mind.

Social Distancing

Our people carriers enable 1m of social distancing for every journey

  • Safety Screens
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Our cars
  • PPE for drivers
  • Quality assessors
  • Driver Ratings
  • Social Distancing

Travel with confidence

Watch our second short video in a two-part series highlighting our Safer Journey Initiative and the measures in place to keep London safe as the city gradually returns to work.

Our hope is that by working together we can give you the confidence to travel, so when you leave home each day, you feel safe and secure about the journey ahead.

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Your Feedback Matters

We take your feedback very seriously. We constantly monitor the ratings you give, allowing us to maintain an exceptional service across our fleet and react to any issues swiftly.

Drivers who work with Addison Lee are trained to maintain the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in our vehicles. Your ratings help us maintain those standards.

If you have any questions about our safety measures or suggestions on how we can improve them, contact us today.



If it matters to you, it matters to us.

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Acting to prevent the spread of COVID-19

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Making those essential journeys

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Here For You

We are frequently looking to enhance our safety measures and will continue to keep you informed. If you have a suggestion on how we can continue to improve our service, we’d love to hear about it. For business contacts, enquires can be directed to Account Managers (where applicable) or emailed to hereforyou@addisonlee.com.