24th November 2021

Addison Lee and UN Women UK partner to provide enhanced safety training

At Addison Lee, we can proudly say we have been synonymous with safety and reliability for the last 46 years. We have led the industry in driving up safety standards and we continuously strive to make our service as safe as possible.

These standards haven’t gone unnoticed, and today we can announce that Addison Lee have partnered with UN Women UK to support their Safe Spaces Now initiative. Safe Spaces Now works with women and the owners of spaces such as taxis and nightclubs to create safe spaces for women as they travel and live their day-to-day lives.

UN data highlights serious concerns around women’s safety. Over 70% of women in the UK say they have experienced sexual harassment in public. Only 4% of women asked, reported the incidents of harassment to an official organisation – with 45% of women saying they didn’t believe reporting would help change anything.

The 25th November to 10th December are the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence, and throughout these 16 days Addison Lee will donate £1 for every booking completed*. The funds raised will support a number of initiatives such as the Safe Spaces Festivals and staff training, run by the UN Women UK committee.

The next 16 days are only the beginning. Together we are co-designing safety training for PHV and taxi drivers, so they know what to do if they are concerned about an individual’s safety or an incident is reported to them. This training will be added to our existing safety training for drivers and rolled out to all employees next year.

UN Women UK’s mission is for every woman and girl to have an equal right to safety, choice, and a voice and their Safe Spaces Now initiative aims to create safe and empowering public spaces with women and girls. As UN Women UK’s transport partner as part of their Safe Spaces Now campaign, we have a lot of responsibility and we can’t wait to make a tangible difference with our joint safety training programme.






*App bookings only. Up to £10,000 

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