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5th April 2024

Types of ground travel management tools and their benefits

In the dynamic world of corporate transport, travel managers must use many tools to control their businesses’ transport. These tools aim to streamline operations, save costs, and ensure that travel managers have all the control they need when transporting their team.

Here are the different types of business travel management tools and their benefits:

Booking & Ride-Hailing Platforms

A centralised booking platform consolidates flight, accommodation, and transportation arrangements. These offer user-friendly interfaces, real-time updates, and quick solutions to regular travel needs.

Expense Management Systems

Tracking and reconciling travel expenses can be a significant challenge, especially when managing business transport at scale. Modern expense management tools simplify this process by automatically capturing, categorising, and processing expenses.

Itinerary Management

Successful travel coordination all starts with a stellar itinerary. Itinerary management tools create, adjust, and share travel schedules, ensuring travellers are always informed and managers are always in control.

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Data Analytics and Reporting

Understanding travel data is crucial for companies to optimise travel strategies and manage spending. Analytical tools offer insights into spending patterns, supplier performance, and policy adherence.

Prism: the all-in-one transport management tool

Prism is a transport management platform encompassing all the tools above on one easy-to-use platform. For transport management professionals, there’s no better programme for streamlining all the processes that come with the job.

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