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5th April 2024

How to choose a ground travel company for your business

Finding a ground travel company for your business can be challenging in today’s complex travel landscape. With numerous factors to consider, from cost-effectiveness to reliability, here’s a guide on how to make the best decision for your company.

Service Offering

The overall package that a given travel company offers is the first thing to consider. Do they have an owned fleet? What’s its size? Does the travel supplier have their travel management software? The more services a single supplier offers, the less need for you to juggle multiple platforms.

PRISM has an extensive, streamlined service offering covering everything from bookings to emissions tracking and policy management.

Technological Innovation

Choosing a corporate travel company that continuously seeks technological innovation is crucial. In the fast-changing transport landscape, anything less than the latest and greatest could lead to inefficiency. And in an industry where efficiency is everything, this consideration carries considerable weight.

PRISM’s cutting-edge technology simplifies the booking and managing process, providing all the data you need to optimise your company’s travel strategy.

Customer Support

Getting immediate support to respond to issues before they escalate is a must-have. PRISM’s 24/7 dedicated support ensures you get all the help you need, regardless of when you need it.


If sustainability is on your business’ radar, finding a provider who can help you track emissions and reduce your carbon footprint is vital.

PRISM gives you everything you need to keep track of your company’s emissions with an easy-to-use visual dashboard. And with the power of Addison Lee’s increasingly eco-friendly fleet, getting your team from A to B has never been greener.


When choosing a corporate travel company, a provider that can adapt to your needs in real time is an essential and often overlooked quality. PRISM understands this fact and offers tailored solutions that adapt to your specific corporate travel requirements, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Choosing a ground travel company for your business

A corporate travel company should be more than just a way to book transportation. It should be a way to develop policies, understand the data that drives your business, and give you the support you need to keep your team on the road.

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With PRISM’s comprehensive service offerings, unrivalled software platform, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, corporate travel managers seeking the best can get precisely what they need.

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