13th March 2023

Retailers turn to Addison Lee couriers as one parcel is sent across the capital every 38 seconds

As shopper demand for speed and convenience grows, here’s how to turn your small business delivery setup into a competitive advantage in 2023.

Faster delivery drives loyalty, and with a parcel couriered across London every 38 seconds, SMEs are feeling the pressure to keep up to retain customers. With the number of ecommerce businesses in London increasing by 46% last year, the competition will only heat up more as companies look for ways to satisfy shopper priorities.

Addison Lee courier service

Shoppers want speed

Over 41% of global shoppers expect to receive online purchases within 24 hours, and 24% expect delivery in less than two. At 45%, nearly half admit they’re unlikely to continue ordering from a company that delivers packages late.

Unfortunately, plenty of small businesses feel pressured to offer quick delivery even if they can’t execute, and customers requesting rapid shipping may not be aware of the impact on companies which may not be able to provide it.

By 2025 in the UK, 20% of global shoppers plan to permanently do more of their shopping online. This percentage increases to 27% in the UK.

Addison Lee courier delivery

Improve your delivery set up

If you’re looking to improve your delivery strategy, choosing the right courier is vital.

Who you partner with has a direct impact on customer satisfaction and business reputation. A poor courier service can result in delayed or damaged shipments, leading to customer complaints and a damaged reputation, which can be challenging to turn around. A reliable courier service can provide cost-effective and flexible shipping options, helping small businesses stay competitive and manage costs.

Five things to consider when choosing a courier for your business

  • Delivery Speed: The speed of delivery should be aligned with your needs and your customer’s expectations.
  • Reliability: Any courier service you choose should have a track record of reliable and consistent delivery.
  • Cost: Shipping costs should be reasonable enough to be sustainable for your business and provide value to potential customers.
  • Flexibility: Look for a partner that offers flexible shipping options, such as multiple pickup and delivery options, like same-day or overnight delivery.
  • Customer Service: A reliable courier will have a responsive and helpful customer service team to address any issues or concerns with shipments.

Addison Lee courier service

Deliver a parcel in central London in 52 minutes

Having completed in the region of 1,000,000 deliveries in 2022, Addison Lee has perfected the art of reliable delivery for thousands of customers in London.

Addison Lee couriers take, on average, 52 minutes from booking to deliver a parcel in central London. Or less if you opt for the priority service.

Pre-booking couriers shaves even more time off the delivery cycle, with standard pre-book service taking less than 45 minutes from pick-up to delivery and priority less than half an hour.

So if you’re looking to improve your delivery set up and partner with one of London’s most reliable couriers to get you through some of the busiest times of the year, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas, speak to us today.

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