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5th April 2024

The Best Ground Travel Management Software for Travel Managers

Prism is Addison Lee’s cutting-edge ground Travel Management Software. It’s designed to give you all the control you need to get your team from A to B safely and efficiently.

How it works

Rather than employing numerous platforms to manage transport for your company, you can use PRISM to access all the tools you need in a single place. We lay everything out for you in an intuitive, easy-to-view way so you get exactly what you need at your fingertips. In short, it means more control and less guesswork.

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What makes PRISM different to other ground Travel Management Software?

With PRISM, you get access to something other suppliers can’t offer: London’s largest owned and licensed fleet of vehicles. Not only does this mean that getting your team on the move won’t be an issue, but it also means that you can be ready to go as soon as they are.


Here’s what else you can expect with PRISM:

  • Travel Policy Builder: This feature lets you call the shots. All your ground suppliers are neatly wrapped within a single platform.
  • Travel Management: Optimise your journey planning with PRISM’s comprehensive and agile travel management features.
  • People Management: Manage multiple traveller profiles in real time. From onboarding to tracking to managing access — you name it, PRISM lets you do it.
  • Dashboard Reporting: PRISM’s data dashboard gives you all the data you need, from average journey cost to carbon emissions tracking.
  • Account Management: PRISM’s 24/7 customer service hub means you can get help whenever you need it.
  • Customisation: PRISM’s enhanced functionality means more control and the flexibility to tailor account settings to your needs.

The best of all? It’s free if you’re already an Addison Lee professional account owner. So, say ‘bye-bye’ to multiple suppliers and ‘hello’ to PRISM.

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