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Addison Lee: London's Premium Car Service

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There are so many London taxi companies to choose from nowadays. A quick internet search will have revealed dozens and dozens to you, all offering the same promise of cheaper journeys than the last. But as the number of these new London taxi firms rises everyday, so the quality and knowledge of the people driving them inevitably starts to drop.

London’s been our home for over 40 years. Since 1975 in fact. And during that time, we like to think we’ve got to know it pretty well – it’s the nature of our business after all.

And our experienced London drivers are no different. Operating everything from luxury vehicles to courier services right across the capital. Every one of them is tracked, managed and assisted by our state of the art control room in central London (sounds cool doesn’t it? Just picture the Death Star but with less death and more Jedi skills). From there we keep them constantly updated with all the real-time news they need to keep them ahead of any and all traffic problems. Meaning you’re always a step ahead too.

But being the goodhearted souls we are, we weren’t ready to let our service stop there. Which is why we decided to put all that local London knowledge to good use – by creating a London guide. We’ve spoken to the people behind our fleet as well as the people who use them to carefully construct a guide to every corner of London that we cover (all of it!), so that you’ll always know where you’re going, no matter where you are.

Just click on the area you’re interested in and our guide will fix you up with a few of our favourite places to sink a drink, grab some dinner or even see the sights.

As we’re sure you’re aware, London’s a pretty big place and with our drivers undertaking some 20,000 journeysevery day, it’s going to take a little while to get all that good knowledge down on paper.

So if you don’t see a guide for the area you’re in, just bare with us. We still operate absolutely everywhere in and around London, we just haven’t had the chance to scribble it down yet. We promise we’ll have your area covered before long.

Don’t forget – our cars can save you a roaring 30% off the price of London taxi. Just tap the app or book online and we’ll have you on your way before you know it.