Transport for London (TFL) subsequently issued the following guidance for Taxi and Private Hire:

  • We expect and recommend that all taxi and private hire (TPH) drivers wear a face covering at all times when in a taxi or private hire vehicle
  • All passengers are expected and recommended to wear face coverings when travelling by taxi or private hire vehicle for the duration of the journey
  • In line with guidance, the front passenger seat of our vehicles will remain out of use

We provide our drivers with protective equipment, such as gloves, masks and handsanitiser

Our policy is to provide drivers with as much equipment as they require to feel safe, remain protected and keep our passengers safe, but (as a minimum) we provide our drivers every week, with the following PPE:

• 5x Protective gloves

• 5x Face masks • Antibacterial Hand sanitiser

In addition, drivers are provided with a bottle of the TECcare CONTROL solution (90 days’ worth) and cloths, to clean common touch points within the vehicle on a regular basis and our team of Quality Assessors have on board stock of PPE that they can distribute to drivers out on the road, if they require it.

We electrostatically spray clean our vehicles, using TECcare CONTROL technology, proven to kill 99.99% of viruses

Addison Lee vehicles are now subject to our enhanced COVID-19 cleaning programme;

  • The vehicles are Electrostatically Spray cleaned using TECcare CONTROL solution (by our third-party specialist cleaning provider Alliance Clean every 3 months)
  • The vehicles are ATP tested pre and post electrostatic cleaning, to record hygiene results using a bar code system. An ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing micro-organisms through detection of Adenosine Triphosphate. It is a swab test, which can be performed by one individual, and provide results within minutes, if the test comes back;
    • Positive (post-clean) it is resprayed until the test comes back negative
    • Negative (pre-clean) it is still electrostatically cleaned
  • For more information please see the TECcare website.
  • Records of the cleaning programme are being maintained within our internal systems

We provide drivers with the same disinfectant solution for use on common touch points, such as door handles, after every journey

Drivers are being supplied with 90 days’ worth of TECcare CONTROL solution, to perform daily car cleans on common touch points.

They are provided training on how to best utilise the solution inside and out and when the vehicle is due its next Electrostatic Spray Clean, the drivers stock is replenished.

We facilitate regular weekly vehicle cleaning

Regular cleaning of vehicles continues as usual. Addison Lee Drivers are given 3 vouchers for cleans per week, performed by our carwash provider IMO. In addition to this, our drivers are provided with TECcare CONTROL disinfectant solution to clean common touch points, and the vehicles are further subject to Electrostatic Spray Cleaning every 3 months.

We provide drivers with guidelines on cleaning vehicles

Regular reminders are shared via our weekly news bulletins with a full list of available carwash locations available on the Driver Portal.We provide drivers with guidelines on cleaning vehicles, which can be found on the training section of the driver portal.

We will also be sharing instructional videos on how to clean the interior of the vehicle before, during and after each journey in the coming weeks, to reinforce advice that has already been shared.

We facilitate social distancing through use of the rear car seats in our 7-seater vehicles

Customers are not allowed to travel in the front passenger seat.

  • We are actively advising drivers to ensure the rear seats are upright before each journey and to help customers adhere to social distancing guidelines wherever possible, as part of our ongoing guidance in our weekly news