How to optimise corporate travel with centralised solutions
29th January 2024

How to Optimise Corporate Travel with Centralised Solutions

Corporate Travel Management is a fast-paced undertaking where efficient organisation is critical to success. But, with so many suppliers and data trackers scattered across an almost limitless array of online programs, reaching the desired efficiency level from one week to the next can be challenging.

Centralised ground transport solutions like PRISM offer a streamlined way to exponentially increase efficiency and save costs—on and off the road.

PRISM: A centralised solution for Travel Managers

When it comes to efficient transport management, centralisation is the single best way to keep things on track. Housing different components of a transport management plan under multiple platforms only serves to convolute policies and make life difficult when reporting or tracking against ESG targets.

PRISM streamlines corporate travel management, offering a comprehensive platform that simplifies booking, tracking, and managing ground transportation under one easy-to-use platform.

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Encouraging Responsible Travel Behaviour

PRISM is designed to help travel managers create and update travel policies that are easy to adhere to. With all your suppliers in one platform and access to London’s largest owned and licensed fleet of vehicles, PRISM also gives your team the tools to get transport when they need it without taking matters into their own hands.

Fulfilling the Duty of Care

According to Amadeus, 84% of employees prefer to travel with proper safety protocols in place.

When it comes to duty of care, creating robust safety policies is essential to ensure the safety of your team. By having access to real-time travel data and an easy-to-use policy builder in PRISM, identifying and implementing new safety protocols has never been easier.

Combating Rogue Booking with Flexible Policies

Despite existing policies, rogue booking remains a challenge for many transport managers. With a built-in policy maker, PRISM helps managers create or update bespoke travel policies with greater flexibility so teams and individuals can enjoy tailored travel policies that work for them, not against them.

PRISM: The Ultimate Centralised Travel Management Solution

A centralised platform like PRISM offers the perfect solution for corporate travel managers who want ultimate control of their policies and processes. With so much control, there’s no impossible challenge—creating bespoke policies, meeting ESG targets, or giving your team the freedom to travel the way that best suits them. You can do it all from one dashboard.

Learn more about PRISM here.

Prism by Addison Lee

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