If it matters to you, it matters to us.

We can help with your commute if public transport is not right for you

All these measures combined, are Addison Lee’s way of providing our customers with assurances and the confidence with which to procure and utilise our services. For existing or new business, it could be a consultation to understand your requirements, offer advice and where required provide transport solutions that are a safe and reliable, as well as being a temporary but viable alternative to Public Transport, whilst the government continues to encourage people to ‘Avoid public transport’.

Safe, clean and reliable car and courier services

Our service continues to remain safe, clean and reliable. With the impetus of COVID-19, we are now actively enhancing our proposition and encouraging drivers to follow PHE Guidelines, such as using hand sanitisers or regularly washing their hands and are providing our drivers with PPE. We are also installing safety screens in our vehicles and electrostatically cleaning our vehicles. You can read more about how to follow hygiene guidelines on the NHS website

We won’t surge charge or leave you stranded

No matter how long the journey takes, the fare remains unaltered giving our customers peace of mind and the ability to budget travel plans accordingly.

We have Mobile Quality Assessors ensuring that drivers and vehicles adhere to our hygiene and safety standards

We have quality assessors out on the road, monitoring our drivers and vehicles, performing random spot checks at hubs across London. These quality assessors will check the following;

  1. That the driver is wearing protective gloves and face mask (or if without passenger, has PPE in his vehicle ready for his collection) a. If the driver does not have PPE with him, the assessors have PPE with them to furnish the driver with
  2. That the driver has adequate supply of hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and cloths a. If the driver does not have adequate supply, they will be instructed to collect refills from an Addison Lee hub at the earliest convenience (or refills will be mail delivered)
  3. Ensuring the inside of the vehicle is free of any litter or debris 4. Where the vehicle is a 7-Seater – the assessor will ensure that the rear seats are upright before each journey – which assists with customers adhering to the social distancing guidelines

We continue to offer 24/7 personal customer support from offices within the UK

A dedicated Account Management Team (for business accounts) and 24/7/365 support from our HQ in London continues to support our customers.

We will review and renew our service provisions as PHE guidelines are updated

Addison Lee’s Head of Regulatory and External Affairs, is responsible for ensuring that Addison Lee is always informed, aligned and provides regular updates to the Executive Team, which is disseminated accordingly.

We will create flexible and innovative solutions to meet your needs

Whilst Addison lee delivers a robust and consistent service at scale, we understand that our clients may have specific or unique requirements. We have a tried and tested methodology to engage with and understand the needs and wants of our clients. Enquires can be directed to Account Managers (where applicable) or emailed to hereforyou@addisonlee.com