Fuel Surcharge


The fuel surcharge applies to all Addison Lee courier and delivery services. The rate is set weekly based on the average UK retail ‘pump’ prices for ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) provided by the Government. You can find historical and current prices here (https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/weekly-road-fuel-prices)

The Fuel surcharge is dynamic, and subject to a base rate of 148.85p per litre (price as of 03/01/2022).

    • Should the cost fall below the base rate, then no fuel surcharge will be applied.
    • Should the cost exceed the base rate, then the Fuel Surcharge will be charged as a percentage – which will be reviewed and applied on a weekly basis.
    • The fuel surcharge will appear as an extra on your receipt or invoice

The fuel surcharge will be based on the below table

*Fuel price is defined as the BEIS published weekly road fuel price statistics for Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

All courier bookings that take place after 00:01 on 16th July 2022 will have the fuel surcharge applied to the booking fee, before any additional charges.

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