7th September 2018

Addison Lee business customers ‘make their journey count’ for Childline

Addison Lee’s business customers have made their journey count by going the extra mile and helping the global transport provider raise £75,000 for the NSPCC.

The’ Make Your Journey Count’ campaign ran throughout the months of May, June and July, and involved a £1 donation to the NSPCC for every app booking made from a business account. Participating businesses helped to raise £75,000, which will be directed to NSPCC’s crucial Childline service. The funds raised mean Childline will be able to answer 18,750 more calls from vulnerable children.

Rob McGinn, Commercial Director at Addison Lee Group, said: “The NSPCC plays an invaluable role in supporting children across the UK and we are delighted to have raised £75k for such a crucial service like Childline.”

Currently Childline is only able to respond to three in every four children and teenagers that reach out for help, meaning fundraising partnerships like this one with Addison Lee are vital in helping to maintain and improve the service.

Rob McGinn added: “Our business customers have played a pivotal role in delivering this amount and thanks to their help, Childline will be able to make a significant difference to thousands of young people across the UK.”

Ben Swart, Head of New Partnerships at the NSPCC, said: “We are really grateful for Addison Lee’s continued support and are thrilled they have reached their £75,000 target so quickly.

“It costs £4 for Childline to respond to a young person that reaches out for help, and thanks to Addison Lee and their corporate customers we can now be there for thousands more young people in need of support and advice.”

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