14th November 2023

What it’s like to drive inside vs outside London

No matter where you drive with Addison Lee, you’ll have access to some of the best benefits in the business, round-the-clock support, and a community around you that understands and respects what you do. So, what does change when you drive in different locations? Here’s a look at what to expect when you drive in London vs. elsewhere in the UK.


One of the key considerations that many aspiring drivers in London account for is ULEZ charges. ULEZ can be a considerable deterrent for drivers when operating in London, with many choosing to drive elsewhere as a result.

While many ridesharing and taxi providers push ULEZ and congestion charges onto their drivers, Addison Lee do not – we’ve got you covered on this and much more.


London has notoriously busy roads. With so much traffic, particularly around rush hour, drivers need to be prepared to deal with all the challenges that come with it.

This isn’t to say that locations outside London won’t have heavy traffic, but only that London typically has the most.

Likelihood of collision

Although Addison Lee drivers receive safety training, knowing the risks of driving in the capital is essential. London is the 3rd most accident-prone city in the UK, with Doncaster taking the top spot.

Addison Lee provides car insurance and an industry-leading maintenance package, so you’re covered if your car incurs collision damage. We will even provide a replacement vehicle if your car is out of action.

Number of jobs

With 3.5 million AL bookings per year, one of the greatest benefits of driving for Addison Lee in London is the sheer number of jobs.

While other UK regions also have many jobs available, London is home to a UK-leading population of roughly 9 million people, many of whom are in the market for ride-sharing and taxi services. So, prepare to be busy if you work in the big city.


With six major airports in London, drivers have a lot of choices when it comes to providing airport taxi services. And with many airports a considerable distance from Central London, the potential for high-value trips is tremendous. In comparison, most of the United Kingdom’s major cities have just one airport.

Driving in London vs elsewhere

While driving in London has its perks, especially regarding the sheer number of jobs available, driving elsewhere in the UK is still incredibly viable and lucrative. Ultimately, it’s up to each driver to decide which location suits them best, whether that be the bustling streets of London or beyond.

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