4th September 2017

Introducing In-App Tipping

We’ve all had a great driver – the person who helps us with our bags when we’re struggling down the stairs, the driver who parks near to the door to stop us getting wet in a downpour, the smiling face who cheers us up when we’re having a tough day.

Sometimes a quick ‘thanks’ is enough, but there are other times when want to do more to show your appreciation – and now you can! From today if you book a journey via the app or web and pay by credit card, you’ll have the opportunity to tip your driver for excellent service at the end of the journey.

If you do choose to tip rest assured that drivers will see who has tipped them and will receive 100% of their tip money (as Addison Lee won’t take any commission or handling charge).

Happy tipping!

How To Tip Using The App


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