14th November 2023

How Many Jobs Are There in London on a Daily Basis?

With a population of almost 10 million, London is one of the busiest cities in the world. Geographically, it covers an area of 1,569 km2, meaning that getting around by foot or cycle is no easy feat. That leaves commuters with two main options: the increasingly unreliable and strike-ridden TfL or taxi/ridesharing.

Over 4,500 Addison Lee jobs completed per day

With 3.5 million digital bookings annually, Addison Lee is London’s largest private hire, Black Taxi, and same-day delivery company.

On top of its already significant population, the UK’s capital is a hotspot of tourism activity, with an estimated 16.1 million people visiting the city in 2022. Home to a total of 6 major airports, London-based Addison Lee drivers have plenty of choices should they want to meet this demand at its source.

This is all excellent news for Addison Lee drivers – it means that demand for their services is high, and thousands of high-quality jobs are available for the taking every day.

Busiest areas for taxis in London

While there is demand for taxis city-wide, these are our busiest areas:

Top 10 Pickup Postcodes Top 10 Drop-off Postcodes
EC4 W1
W2 SW1
W1 NW1
SE1 N1
CR0 W2
N1 WC2

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