Addison Lee Airports
4th March 2016

Pre-Book and Guaranteed Prices, It Makes the Difference.

Take advantage of pre-booked journeys and fixed fares to make your life more organised.

We’ve made your choice easy

Book now

Need to get somewhere early? Have an airport drop-off or pick-up? Or just that journey where the ‘Pick Me Up Now’ option won’t do. We offer you a Pre-Book option for all your journey planning needs.

It doesn’t stop there. With Fixed Fares your price is guaranteed! No matter the route taken, no matter the duration.

With Off Peak Fares we are making your decision a whole lot easier. Pre-book your car or get one for right now, with fixed fares your price is guaranteed. The only thing you need to worry about now is what you are going to stream on Netflix during your journey.

*All prices are taken directly from Addison Lee (, Uber ( and Hailo’s ( websites. Fares were quoted at 04/03/2006 at 16:54 on a Friday. Cars selected were Classic, UberX and Black Cab respectively. Quotes for Uber were given when Uber was not running a Surge. Quotes for Addison Lee were based on Off Peak Fares pricing. All prices were ASAP bookings.  .

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