15th July 2022

5 Spots to Visit While London’s Having a Heatwave

Temperatures in London are set to soar this week, with the weekend expected to be EVEN HOTTER than Jamaica and Morocco. For those looking to make the most of the sunshine in the capital this week, Addison Lee has put together a list of the best places in the capital to visit when the sun’s out!

1. Take a dip at Hampstead Heath Swimming Ponds

Hampstead Heath Swimming Ponds are a perfect place to visit during the heatwave. With three natural swimming ponds and Parliament Hill Lido, there is no better place to cool off in London. The outdoor swimming ponds are still on the South Side of Hampstead Heath, so it’s really easy to follow a refreshing dip with a picnic on Parliament Hill and a view across London.

2. Shop in the shade at Borough Market

Borough Market in Southwark is one of the city’s largest and most famous food markets. With over 100 different stalls to visit, there are flavours to suit anyone. The market is a great place to socialize during the heatwave as it’s covered, shading you from the sun. An added bonus is that the market is ideally positioned for a stroll along the South Bank afterwards to walk off lunch.

3. Cool off in the National Gallery

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square is perfect for those looking to do something more cultured while escaping from the sun for a while. The gallery is home to over 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-1300s to the 1900s. Most exhibitions within the gallery are free to visit, with events and tours being held daily.

4. Have an alfresco drink along the canal

The canal paths in East London are always a popular place to have a beer during the summer; with many pubs and restaurants in the area, there are plenty of options to pick up an alfresco drink. The Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick is a definite favourite, the space next to the River Lea offers a range of beers and pizzas, and to top it off, the bar also holds DJ sets and events as the evening kicks in and will no doubt be buzzing when the sun’s out.

5. Sit under the trees at Holland Park

The 54-acre park in Kensington has more than enough space to get comfy in the sun, with facilities for football, tennis, golf and cricket; there’s plenty to do. A must-see in the park is the stunning Kyoto Garden, donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991. The garden has a Koi fishpond and Japanese Maple trees making it a scenic summer picnic spot with plenty of shade available too!

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