2nd August 2021

Sunshine Calling

 Spring travel is back on so here are our top tips for getting back into the swing of travel:

  1. Know where the airport is

Figure out where the airport is and your route to get there in advance. Google Maps or City Mapper can help you plan your journey, taking in to account the level at traffic at the time you need to travel.

  1. Book your transport in advance

Book a London airport transfer with Addison Lee, for airport journeys that are fast, reliable and most importantly, safe. With our fleet of London airport taxis providing seamless transfers to all five major London airports, we proactively monitor traffic and flight times to ensure that your journeys to and from the airport are as hassle-free as possible.

  1. Set multiple alarms

When going to bed the night before travelling, especially if you’re rising in the early hours of the morning, be sure to set more than one alarm. We’ve been out of the travelling game for quite some time not and the last thing you want is to sleep in.

  1. Screenshot your boarding pass

If you’re planning to use a boarding pass on your mobile phone, make sure you take a screenshot of it and save it to your camera roll for easy access.

  1. Always print out your boarding pass just in case

It’s always a good idea to print your boarding pass as well as having it on your smart phone, as a backup in case technology fails you.

  1. Take spare plastic bags

Most airports are equipped with plastic bags at security but it’s never a bad idea to pack a few extra, especially if you are travelling with your family.

  1. Don’t forget your passport

Look out your passport from the back of your drawer a couple of days in advance of travelling and wipe off the dust. Whenever you leave somewhere at the airport always do a double check to make sure you haven’t left it behind.

If you’ve been brave enough to take on the minefield of constantly changing traffic light countries and travel rules or are planning a holiday when the coast is clearer, make sure that you brush up on your airport travel etiquette and take the stress out of the first hurdle by pre-booking an Addison Lee to get you to the airport safely and in style.

Protecting drivers and passengers is our number one priority – booking with Addison Lee ensures that you will be protected with a TfL approved Safety Screen and our fleet of 4,000 vehicles are Electrostatically Spray cleaned using TECcare CONTROL solution every three months as part of our enhanced cleaning programme. We also provide PPE for all Addison Lee drivers and facilities for all of our cars to be deep cleaned up to three times a week.

At Addison Lee, we realise that, at times, airports can be overwhelming – more so now, than ever before. To remove unnecessary stress and put you at ease, our drivers are well equipped, professional and knowledgeable in getting you to the airport and back.

Your holiday starts the moment you step out your front door. There’s no worry about flight times changing, train timetables or having to lug your bags on public transport – we take care of the whole journey for you.


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