Airport Pickup
25th April 2018

Traveling & need to book global transfers?

Addison Lee have introduced multi leg bookings: The convenient, simple and easy way to book your car pick up where you land.

We’ve all be in the situation of landing in a country after a flight and having the immediate task of getting to our destination – more so when time is of the essence and the luxury of having days to adjust is not an option. Whether that’s straight to a meeting room or to the hotel room for a five minute breather.

In order to make travelling easier, we have introduced multi leg booking; allowing our Addison Lee business passengers to book multiple journeys while travelling abroad – what does that actually mean you may ask?

For context let’s assume that your next trip is London to Beijing – you can now book your driver to take you from your pick up location to the airport, once you’ve landed in Beijing you would already have booked a driver – who will wait for you to depart Beijing airport and take you to your next destination.

We know your journeys don’t always stop there, so you have the option of adding up to four drop of locations or what we like to call legs. So in simple terms you can, book all of your drop off locations in one go via our website, available in over 100 cities.

Plan Your Journey.

To make your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible; your travel itinerary has been planned on the web portal, you have the ability to manage your bookings via the Addison Lee app wherever you may be; so if you need to adjust the time or change your destination, Addison Lee are on hand to help.

Once in your Addison Lee; it’s your job to do nothing, sit back and make oneself feel at home.

Get the App Now.

How to book.

To make your life easier once again, we at Addison Lee have put together a step-by-step guide on how to get started with booking multiple journeys across major cities worldwide.

  • Login to your account on the Addison Lee website and select Multi-Leg booking option.
  • Complete the first leg of your booking as you would normally make a single journey booking, then click ‘+Leg’.
  • You can add up to four additional legs to your journey in any of the 100 cities Addison Lee currently offers digitally.
  • When you have added all the legs of your journey, click ‘Book Now’ after which you will be taken to a booking confirmation page, detailing your itinerary.

For a visual representation of how to take full advantage of what Addison Lee’s multi-leg booking has to offer, click on the following link to our step by step guide.

Step by Step Multi-Leg Booking Guide.

We look forward to having you in one of our cars soon.

Book Now.

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