App Features

Your Travel in the Palm of Your Hand


If your meeting has overrun or your dinner date is going better than expected, you needn’t worry about leaving your driver waiting. The Snooze feature allows you to delay your booking without having to cancel and re-book!

Pre-book your journey via the app and you’ll have the option to delay your car for fifteen, thirty, forty-five or sixty minutes, as many times as you please. Snooze works for return journeys too, so you needn’t worry about travelling back at a later time.

Get Home In Two Taps!

Book a car home in just two taps from your current location when you save your home address.

Simply tap the ‘Home’ icon and enter your home address (or another frequent address). Next time you need a car home simply tap the home icon, then confirm your booking.

Share Your ETA

Whether you’re running according to schedule, or the inevitable has happened and your meeting overran, let your friends, family and colleagues know that you are safely on your way.

Once on board, simply tap the ‘Share My ETA’ button on the homescreen. You can choose to share via text message, email or WhatsApp.

Simply select the individual(s) you would like to share your journey with from your contact list, and hit send. They will receive a message with a link to a real-time view of your journey, and will even be able to see the details of your car so they can keep an eye out for you.