Donate a Ride update

Dear all,

We are incredibly grateful to the UK public for the enormous generosity that has made our Donate A Ride initiative such a success.

Since we launched the campaign on 2ndApril with a donation of £50 000, your kindness and support has helped us raise nearly £170,000.

This has allowed us to provide our NHS heroes with almost 10,000 free rides to 63 hospitals across London. Over the coming weeks, we will be continuing to fulfil all rides prebooked through the initiative.

Due to very high demand, the Donate a Ride fund was depleted more quickly than we anticipated, and on 14thApril we reluctantly took the decision to pause the scheme.

Our hope was to be able to replenish the fund sufficiently to allow it to reopen. But to offer free rides to NHS workers across the capital for even a day or two requires a significant sum that we are still some way off achieving.

We know that people and businesses are continuing to give incredibly generously to a whole range of worthy causes and charities – all of which are channelling donations towards supporting our NHS heroes.

That’s why we believe it’s the right decision now to bring the Donate a Ride campaign to a close. Instead we’d encourage anyone who would still like to help those on the frontline to consider donating to NHS Charities Together – an organisation doing amazing work to support NHS workers across the UK.

We have now closed our Donate A Ride GoFundMe page, with all remaining funds being donated to NHS Charities Together.

We are continuing to support the NHS by offering 25% off all rides to all key workers to help them get to and from work, using the discount code KEY25 in the booking process.

Once again, thank you for your amazing generosity and support for our NHS heroes.

Yours sincerely,

Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee