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A guide to London Stansted Airport

Finding a Stansted airport taxi you can count on can be tough. Because let’s face it, when your flight leaves without you, it’s not like you can just hop on the next one. So when you choose Addison Lee we make it our priority to ensure not just a comfortable and safe journey, but also a reliable one. We’ve been providing our customers with a great service since 1975. Carrying out over 20,000 journeys across London and the surrounding areas every single day. Each driver is in constant contact with our HQ back in central London. From where they receive updates on any traffic problems that might impact on your journey. We even keep an eye on the skies for you, so if your flight gets delayed, we’ll be the first to know about it. London Stansted Airport is a bit of a funny one. Especially when it comes to getting there. Quite often maligned for being a bit of a struggle to get to – and not really being in London – Stansted sits almost exactly between London and Cambridge. A position which can often prove annoying to first-time travellers who thought they’d be landing in the heart of the capital. As such lots of folks choose to skip spending time in the area in favour of a quick sprint back to the city. But just because you’re not in London proper doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do around here. In fact, unlike some airports this part of rural Essex is still awash with great places to go for food, drinks and – if the need presents itself – a bed for the night. We’ve put together this guide to give you the scoop on where those pubs, restaurants and hotels are. So whether you’re flying in or setting off you won’t have to suffer the crazy high prices of airport bars, the diabolical reheated tastelessness of aeroplane food or even the 3am trip from central London to catch your 8am flight.

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Where to eat

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