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Things to do in Greenwich

Ready to explore London south of the river? Our Greenwich taxi driver’s guide is the ideal way to discover this historic corner of south east London. Ready? OK, let’s go.

While Greenwich the borough includes some of London’s less attractive parts of town (Isle of Dogs, we’re looking at you), it is still for the most part a relatively untouched and leafy village. And one that draws much of its beauty from its proximity to the river Thames.

If Greenwich is famous for one thing above all, it’s making time. And we don’t mean that in the way Addison Lee make time with our speedy and reliable service either. We mean they literally ‘make time’. How do they manage this remarkable feat? With the Prime Meridian.

Most of us know about Greenwich Mean Time so we won’t patronise you by explaining it, but did you know you can visit the actual Meridian line at the Royal Observatory? Not only that, but it was the site of the very first weather forecast ever issued in 1848. Whether it’s the science, the history or just the general loveliness of the area, there’s something near magical about Greenwich.

Of course, on the other side of the river it’s all change. The Docklands provide a stark and contrasting backdrop to the unspoilt charm of Greenwich village. But that’s not to say they’re an area without their own appeal. Even if it is of a quite different kind.

Whether you call it the Millennium Dome, The O2 or any other of its sponsorship led names, The giant dome on the other side of the river is an unmissable attraction. As a stage, it hosts some of the biggest names in entertainment, and even doubles up as a sporting venue from time to time (American NBA games are played here each year).

We’ve taken the time to uncover the best bars, gastropubs, bistros and brasseries in the area so you’ll know exactly where you’re going. It’s all here in our Greenwich taxi driver’s guide.

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