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Taxi driver's guide to Kentish Town

Our Kentish Town taxi driver’s guide is here to give you, our loyal customers a real insight into this exciting and historic area of north west London. That’s right, we’ve extra-specially gone to the effort of visiting all our favourite pubs, restaurants, cafes and attractions just so you’ll know where you’re going when you jump in that Addison Lee. Aren’t we nice? With the completely famous and sometime terribly over-crowded Camden Town directly to its south, Kentish Town quite often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Of course to the people who live here, that’s absolutely fine. For them the access to both Camden and central London (only five mins away on the Northern Line) are hardly an inconvenience. Unfortunately for them, we now plan on revealing all of Kentish Town’s best kept secrets, hidden treasures and subterranean drinking dens (yes, you did read that right). The first thing to know about Kentish Town is that it has nothing to do with Kent. Like many London districts, the name’s origin is a bit of a mystery. Although it’s thought to relate to the area’s relationship with the river Fleet. For anyone who’s been here before and is now wondering where this so-called river Fleet is, it’s still there – you just can’t see it. As probably London’s most famous ‘lost river’, The Fleet was forced underground to accommodate the busy pavements, roads and buildings that make up London today. If you’re interested, it still runs from Hampstead Heath to Blackfriars Bridge. Thinking of moving to the area? You’d be in esteemed company. Among the area’s famous former residents are revolutionary Karl Marx and subversive author George Orwell. Follow our Kentish Town taxi driver’s guide to unveil the area’s best spots for a drink, bite to eat or even just to hang out.

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