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Looking to explore Soho? Read our Leicester Square taxi driver’s guide

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A taxi driver's guide to Leicester Square

Regardless of how you arrive in Soho – on foot, by taxi or by public transport. You’ll most likely find it all a bit much at first. But follow our Leicester Square taxi driver’s guide, and you’ll hopefully discover that it’s not all selfie sticks, neon lights and expensive rickshaws. There’s actually a whole lot more going on. Here’s an interesting fact for you: among London tourists, it’s said the tube route between Covent Garden and Leicester Square is the most popular and frequently used. And yet, it’s cheaper and quicker to just walk. Put another way, there’s a tendency to panic in this part of London. The heaving crowds and bright lights of the West End, the thick melee of Leicester Square itself and the 24hr buzz of Chinatown. They all contribute to a strong communal desire to get where you’re going as fast as possible. Even if that means sometimes going the wrong way. But stop and stand a while. Take a deep breath and actually consider where you’re going and very quickly, Leicester Square becomes your oyster. An exciting, spirited, even historied part of London with candy like neon treats and ancient culture available in equal measure. Leicester Square has been through a lot of change over the last few hundred years. Once the courtyard for Leicester House, this now pedestrianised square has been home to legendary revolutionary Karl Marx; has statues to Charlie Chaplin, Sir Isaac Newton and William Shakespeare; and was even once a popular duelling site. Today it’s alive with sights, sounds and big, bright lights. Come here to see the attractions but scurry away into its side streets to uncover its true hidden gems. Follow our guide to avoid paying a fortune on Leicester Square taxi fares. All you’ll need is an Addison Lee.

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