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Why Drive with Addison Lee?


Enhance your earnings with access to Manchester’s largest quality customer base

Positive feedback and job completion can lead to enhanced payments


Pay nothing for your car if you reach your weekly points target

Rent a car from us for just £190 a week – the lowest car rental rate on the market

Drive a new vehicle that we maintain


There are opportunities to boost your earning potential with our training and qualifications

Improve your service and business skills too

Subject to experience we can offer standard or chauffeur (Mercedes Benz) car opportunities


Need Help? 24/7 assistance from our expert driver support and control team at HQ

Work smarter and get better fares with our cutting edge driver technology

We replace out of service cars within 1-3 hours, so you’ll never miss out on work or earnings again

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What you’ll need to get started

Fluent English

Can you clearly understand the needs of your passenger? Good communication is vital to creating an outstanding experience for our customers.

Drivers Licence

To work with Addison Lee we require a full driving licence, but remember you’ll also need the relevant local private hire licence as well.

Excellent Service

Addison Lee has grown through offering above industry standards of service in both standard cars, chauffeur services and its courier division. If you can offer customers a great service we’d love to speak to you.

North West Office

Unit 4 – The Courtyard,
2 Finney Lane,
Heald Green,


As we expand, so does our network, meaning we’re not just hiring for driving jobs in Manchester. We’re also looking for the right people to join our team for driver jobs in Luton and London, with new locations being added soon across the United Kingdom.

We’ll need drivers with great local knowledge, and able to provide the great Addison Lee service we’re famous for.

We also understand that everyone is different, which is why we’ve set out to be as flexible as possible. Looking for full time driver jobs? Part time driving jobs Manchester? Delivery driver jobs? Night or day? We’ve got a range of schemes to suit everybody.

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We’ve got you covered. Check out the FAQs about our Addison Lee driver jobs below.

Top FAQs

Do I have to work set shifts?

Addison Lee driver jobs are completely flexible. Work the hours that suit you best. There are periods during the week where we are busier and specific incentives are in place to encourage drivers to work. During the week, we are particularly busy during the early morning and evening periods and at weekends we are very busy later in the evening.

Do I need to provide my own vehicle and will I pay for fuel?

Unlike other car driver jobs we offer a vehicle rental scheme, where the more journeys you complete the cheaper the weekly vehicle rental charges become. Addison Lee vehicles are all typically less than 3 years old and are regularly maintained by our dedicated service technicians. This means that the hassle of organising insurance, MOT and PHV checks, repairs or replacement vehicle will be taken care of for you, allowing you to stay on the road and never miss an opportunity to earn more money. As a self-employed driver it is your responsibility to hire a vehicle and to pay for the fuel and other costs.

How do I get paid?

Customers pay for their journeys in two ways, so there are two ways we pay you. Simple.

Account transactions

Account customers pay us directly via their accounts. We’ll add this money up and pay it into your bank each week.

Non Account transactions

For cash jobs, the money is paid directly to drivers and for card jobs it is paid into your bank account each week.

What do I need to become a driver?

You will need to provide us with your driving licence (either your paper licence or photocard licence), your PCO license (both parts) and 2 forms of identification clearly showing your current address. We can provide advice on the PCO license process, please contact driver recruitment on 0207 255 4204 or alternatively email for more information.

What experience do I need?

Above all, we look for enthusiasm and reliability in drivers. Experience with private hire driver jobs is not necessary as we encourage new drivers in the industry to join Addison Lee and we will provide industry leading training. You will need to apply for a PCO licence via Transport for London.

Who are Addison Lee?

Addison Lee is the world’s largest managed premium car service. It has more than 80% of the FTSE 100 as customers. It was the first UK ground transport business to launch a booking app. It carries over 10 million London passengers per year. Over 4,800 cars in central London. It operates a ULEZ-compliant fleet, and set up its Greener Future Programme to invest in environmental improvement initiatives in the communities in which it operates and overseas. The passenger and courier fleet’s emissions are 100% offset. It has London’s largest executive fleet of Mercedes cars. A consortium led by Liam Griffin (CEO) and Cheyne Capital’s Strategic Value Credit business completed a buy-out of the company in March 2020.

Will I be self-employed?

Yes. All Addison Lee drivers are self-employed and responsible for their own tax and national insurance.

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