What is the Greener Future Programme?

In 2019, Addison Lee launched its Greener Future Programme (GFP) enabling us to share responsibility with drivers and customers, benefitting wider communities, not only through zero-emissions, but ongoing collaboration to support a sustainable transport infrastructure, available for anyone’s use. To date our programme has accomplished the following;

1. Through our partnership with Climatecare; we have offset 19,000 tonnes of carbon in the first year of our programme and supported;

i) Clean cooking projects in Kenya
ii) Safe water projects in Uganda
iii) Rainforest protection projects in Sierra Leone
iv) Renewable energy projects in India

2. Supported the London Mayor’s school air quality programme by installing Green Screens ‘barrier bushes’ (structures that have plants such as ivy woven into them to turn fences into plant barriers) to improve air quality by blocking particulate matter and NOX, whilst also reducing noise pollution and promoting biodiversity and wellbeing

3. Pledged support to Vehicle Idling Action and Westminster City Borough, in a London-wide behaviour change campaign, helping to reduce localised air pollution caused by motorists who leave engines running when stationary. Supporting the ‘DontBeIdle’ campaign by training drivers to turn off their engines when vehicles are idle.

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