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21st February 2024

CCO Update February 2024

I’ve always wanted this blog to serve as a window into Addison Lee, offering a glimpse into our commitment to excellence and the driving force behind our dedication to serving London and London businesses. Since writing in July, there have been some exciting developments but, before we get into that, I wanted to begin February’s blog with a thank you to all our valued customers and partners for your continued support – your loyalty fuels our passion for excellence and we are so thankful to have such a vast network of customers from a wide range of industries.

So here’s the latest chapter of our story…

Campaign activity  

We ended last year and kicked off ’24 with some outdoor advertising, our first in a while – where we wanted to highlight our brand and service to Londoners. Our core principles remain the same, with trusted, premium services for those who live, work or are visiting London but also wanted to highlight our wide range of sustainable options whilst showcasing our digital tools.

Addison Lee OOH


We now have 1,000 fully electric ID.4s moving around London – we invested significantly and formed valuable partnerships to ensure the seamless shift for our drivers to a more sustainable fleet, and the ID.4s are now completing over half of all passenger journeys in London today, helping to clean up London’s air, one mile at a time.

The feedback from our customers on our switch to a sustainable fleet has been very encouraging, especially as we are helping with their own Net Zero and carbon reduction ambitions and our latest enhancement is introducing 600 VW Multivans onto our fleet across London. A zero-emission capable vehicle, offering our passengers a sustainable version of the iconic, larger premium vehicles for which Addison Lee is famous.

The Multivan features fully configurable seating for up to six people – perfect for roadshows or working trips with colleagues – as well as a fresh design, the vehicle offers the perfect combination of practicality, comfort, and safety for whatever your needs.

Addison Lee W multivan

Learn more here

Service performance improvements

It’s safe to say that our efforts in driver recruitment and experience over the past two years has put us in a good position to service our customers at the levels expected of our premium, trusted brand.

Driver Package

The Addison Lee Driver package is recognised as best in class and is something we are very proud of. We’ve been delighted to have had over 1200 new drivers come to Addison Lee in the past 12 months and we’re excited to work with these drivers to deliver excellence across all services in 2024.

Our recent NPS Survey of drivers delivered encouraging results after a 3rd consecutive rise in satisfaction, morale, and loyalty. In the area of general satisfaction, our drivers rated our customers at the very top of the list, highlighting the special relationship our drivers have with their passengers.

Driver Experience

We understand the need to offer drivers digital solutions for on-boarding and the learning tools that they need to serve our customers professionally. We continue to offer drivers the support of our dedicated driver liaison teams and we’ve seen a huge increase in positive feedback from our customers.

Finally, we invested in our drivers to support their development in the future, as part of a new partnership with Wizann Knowledge School. This year we’re offering drivers support, benefits and discounted access to become a Hackney Carraige Driver (Black Cab) and the response so far has been outstanding. Find out more here.

addison lee black taxi

New web pages

To help you keep up with all the latest at Addison Lee, we’ve added some new web pages to our site so that you can easily stay up to date on the latest news & info, new product features and helpful guides; Awards and Certifications, ESG Initiatives plus all you need to know about our fantastic ground travel management tool, PRISM by Addison Lee

As we bid farewell to February, I’m ready to embrace the changing seasons and focus the opportunities that lie ahead in 2024. If you have any questions on any of my updates or would like to hear more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at:

Best regards

Wesley Bishop

Chief Commercial Officer

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