Data driven policies for your ground transport stratgey with Prism by Addison Lee
29th January 2024

Data-driven Policies for your Ground Transport Strategy

Policy breaking is a challenge that transport managers will have been confronted by—and undoubtedly one that has required considerable problem-solving. Concur’s latest Global Business Travellers Report shows that 91% of corporate travellers reporting that they need to break company travel policies, managers need to find new ways of delivering policies that enable their team, not restrict them.

So, how can travel managers better adapt their policies to suit their team?

Key findings from the report:

  • 91% of respondents believe they should be allowed to make travel choices outside their policy.
  • 46% arrange business travel directly through third parties, such as airlines, accommodation providers, or car-hire providers.
  • Safety and comfort are vital concerns, with 74% stating that they have experienced negative situations on a business trip.

1.   Adopt the right tools

Unbreakable policies start with a good foundation. Having tools in place that enable you to adjust policies instantly and track a number of metrics to inform these adjustments is crucial.

PRISM, Addison Lee’s new Travel Management Software, uses data to help managers make informed policy decisions. It provides data-led insights designed to give ground transport managers ultimate control and oversight regarding getting their teams from A to B safely and efficiently, from carbon emissions tracking to journey costs and ESG factors.

2.   Keep it simple

Making ground transport a simple process for your team is the most effective way to get them to adhere to it. With all your ground transport suppliers under PRISM’s one centralised platform and unparalleled access to London’s largest owned and licensed fleet of vehicles, business travellers won’t need to break policy to get where they’re going. Instead, they can easily have ground transport whenever required—so they can stay on the move while you remain in control.

3.   Data-led dashboard reporting

Making great policies requires buy-in from stakeholders, which can be challenging to get if you can’t report company transport management effectively.

PRISM gives travel managers critical data that powers incredible reports and sustainable, efficient, safe, and cost-effective ground transport. It’s what helps managers answer the tough questions around safety, efficiency, and ESG, so they can continue to improve policies for their team.

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4.   Creating bespoke ground transport policies

Every business has different requirements for ground transport. In such a fast-paced industry where plans can change by the minute, adapting policies at the drop of a hat is critical to success.

PRISM features an array of data-led travel management features, including a built-in travel policy builder, allowing you to update and create travel policies whenever you need to—so you can make data-led policies that enable, not restrict.

Learn more about PRISM here.

Addison Lee

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