23rd October 2017

Addison Lee is proud to be an official partner of SIX DAY SERIES 2017

Held 24th – 29th October at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, it’s one of the oldest forms of track cycling, featuring the world’s best riders, and has been going for over 130 years. The event has six different race types, from elimination and time trials, and everything in between – bringing you the best in world class track cycling!

In the roaring 20’s, it was one of the biggest spectator sports in the US, and was accompanied by live Jazz bands! For the London event in October, there’ll be a more modern touch with live DJs and lights, turning the event into one full of electric entertainment!

Not only that, but we have discounted tickets for ClubLee members if you want to attend this exciting event!

If you’ve bought your tickets or decide to go last minute, get there on time and in style with Addison Lee! You can pre-book your ride up to three months in advance, or book on-demand for a last minute trip out. Either way, we can get you where the action is!

Use our award-winning app to book, and you can always Snooze your driver if you want to enjoy the party later than planned.

We look forward to being at your service.

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