19th September 2019

Your Tuscany Travel Guide


We’ve decided to give you an AL world tour. We’ve put together a shortlist of a few cities that you must hit this year. This is the only travel advice you need to follow.

First Stop: Tuscany

Italy takes its harvest season seriously. The exact dates vary depending on the weather but all over Tuscany huge festivals are being held in honour of everything from chestnuts to mushrooms.  Tuscany at this time of year is a must see.


Florence is a city wrapped in centuries of Renaissance history. The galleries, churches and palaces are studded with the richest selection of Renaissance art and history. There are so many places where you can catch the perfect Instagram shot

  1. The Cathedral Complex

The ‘Duomo is the heartbeat and soul of Florence. It stands proudly in the square which is a bustling crowd of people. The Baptistry and Giotto’s exquisite bell tower that will leave you in awe. You can enter the Cathedral for free and marvel at its rich history. You can also buy a ticket to visit the Baptistry, climb the Brunelleschi’s dome and the bell tower and take in the an unparalleled views of the city centre.

2.Piazza Signoria and Loggia dei Lanzi

Located on the corner of Piazza Della Signoria, this open gallery is something to experience at least once in your life. From statues of Iconic Greek gods like Perseus, you’ll immerse yourself in the rich history of this gallery. Why not treat yourself to an outside table and enjoy a cappuccino while you take in the atmosphere.

3.  Il Santo Bevitore

Situated on the Oltrarno is a stylish and retro restaurant call Il Santo Bevitore. Boasting a great appeal and vibrant atmosphere, you are guaranteed a fantastic day or evening of incredible food and drink. From truffle risotto and crème brulee to freshly caught local seafood dishes, the hardest part might be narrowing down what you’ll order.



Catapulted onto the tourist map by the celebrity butcher Dario Cecchini, this hill top town is any carnivores dream location. Cecchini boasts a whole hoard of restaurants to choose from. We’ve rounded up a couple:

  1. Dario Doc

Dario Doc is one of Cecchini’s most reasonably priced restaurants. Make no mistake however, they do not skip on quality. From Chianti tuna freshly caught off the coast a delicious beef tartar, you can enjoy a dinner here from as little as €10. They also allow you to bring you own booze, so you can sit back relax and take it easy.

2. L’Officina Della Bistecca

All you need to know about this restaurant is in the name – “The Steak Workshop”.

All the meat served at this restaurant is home grown by Cecchini on a farm in Catlunya. Carpaccio, Ragu, and Grappa Cecchini, you are assured a night of excellent food and drink. With set menus from €50 and kids eat for half that why not splurge on a great evening of food and drink.


We hope our guide has helped give you an insight into a small part of all the things you can do in Tuscany this fall. If you do decide to check out Tuscany this autumn.

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