27th March 2018

Berlin City Guide

Berlin is the capital of Germany, and its largest city – boasting two international airports, with a third currently in development. This thriving city has an impressive business presence with a number of financial districts and contemporary buildings, as well as plenty of attractions for those there during their downtime.

Travelling to Berlin for business? Have some free time? Here are five of the best things to do in Berlin.

  1. Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall is a vitally important part of the city’s history, and you can visit the Allied Museum at Checkpoint Charlie to find out about the Cold War and the incredible stories of people who lived during the time. The location is the best known crossing point from East Berlin to West Berlin during the Cold War, and its significance cannot be underestimated. A must-attend attraction if you’re in the city.

  1. Gardens of the World

Gardens of the World at Marzahn Park offers fun and relaxation in equal measure. From Japanese cherry blossoms to Chinese moon gardens, this extensive horticultural wonderland offers a Far Eastern experience. From Bali to China, Kora to Japan, and even an Italian Renaissance-style garden, this is a beautiful place to spend your free time! In addition to stunning walks, the gardens offer events including tea ceremonies and even weddings!

  1. Liquidrom

Berlin’s Liquidrom is a spa above all others. Situated in the centre of the city, the Liquidrom offers thermal baths, saunas, and a host of other therapies with one key thing in mind: relaxation. One amazing feature of the Liquidrom is the underwater music played in the pool – either classical or electronic, with regular live DJ performances, too! Definitely not something to miss while you’re travelling to Berlin!

  1. Brandenburg Gate

Berlin offers a plethora of stunning architecture – it’s such a beautiful city. Arguably the most iconic landmark of the city, Brandenburg Gate is a feat of architecture, alongside nearby Pariser Platz. The gate is an 18th Century monument, which is gorgeous in the day, and transforms into something else when it is lit up at night. If you’re in the area, the Reichstag building sits only a block northwards, so it’s worth visiting both attractions in the same trip.

  1. Beer Gardens

Berlin is famous for its large number of Biergärten – beer gardens. It’s a huge part of the culture, to the point where beer is often a common breakfast beverage! There are many of these dotted around the city, most of which are open from April to September. Busier on warm days, they are the place to go when you want to sit back and enjoy a beer with the locals!

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