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4th September 2020

Helping you work flexibly

One word that seems to describe how many of us have adapted over the last few months is flexibility. Flexibility with our family and friends, as we’ve kept in touch in new ways when we’ve not been able to see another. As we’ve not been able to go into the office, flexibility in how we communicate and collaborate with our colleagues. Embracing home learning as we bring flexibility into our kids’ education. At Addison Lee, we’ve also been embracing a more flexible world – adapting our services to support key workers, incorporating new safety features to protect you – our passengers – and our drivers and refocusing our service on our London heartland.

Flexibility isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Schools are returning, bringing new modes of learning into the classroom. Businesses – including Addison Lee – are taking their first steps in bringing staff back to the office. Restaurants and retail are already experts in adapting their organisations to cope with changed circumstances. In among all of this, people are working, studying and partying in different ways. And, just as we have throughout the pandemic, Addison Lee stands ready to get you and your things that matter – whatever you’re doing and however you’re doing it – across London safely. You can see more about how we can help here .

To demonstrate our adaptability, we’re helping with flexibility over the next month with the launch of our FLEX10 promotion. If you’re travelling to or from Central London Monday – Friday between either 6 and 7am or 7 and 8pm, using FLEX10 in the app will give you an extra 10% off your journey, meaning you can miss the rush hour or start your night out earlier. Full Terms and Conditions can be found here

As London adapts over the coming months, so will we, with a continuous focus on London and your safety.

We look forward to getting you around safely


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