10th October 2010

M4 Bus Lane Prosecution Dropped

Addison Lee, Europe’s largest taxi firm received notice today that over 200 tickets and 130 court summonses against them for driving in the despised M4 bus lane have been dropped.

The CPS contacted Addison Lee after deciding that prosecutions were not in the public interest.

This follows the news that the Tories were planning to get rid of the most hated bus lane in Britain, which often sat empty as angry, gridlocked drivers looked on in despair.

Addison Lee Chairman John Griffin advised drivers offering their services to the company to use the bus lane last year, citing competition laws. Using the bus lane knocked an average 25 minutes off the journey between Heathrow and London.

Griffin said, “I have no doubt that the decision to scrap the M4 Bus Lane was at least in part the result of the pressure presented by this case. The Crown has clearly had difficulty in putting together any case to rebut the case we have made and I think that both TfL and the DoT have been forced to accept that the discrimination could not be justified.”

“The fact that the M4 bus lane is to be closed now and opened for the Olympics is a clear indication that they did not want to confront Addison Lee in court on the 25th October. It would have been sensible to close the M4 after the Olympics but this would have meant that we would have our day in court where we would undoubtedly have won.”

“I’m very pleased that people are starting to realize that the current anti-competitive bus lane rules are not workable and that it is unfair to discriminate against private hire vehicles that are licensed by the same authorities and compete for the same customers with taxis.”

“We will therefore be looking for a new area of London to test these anti-competitive laws and reduce journey times for the millions of Londoners that use our services and are unfairly discriminated against. Watch this space.”

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